A growing queue of things I know.

I am going to try taking this "art" thing a bit more serious.

Bought a url. Boyfriend is going to jazz it up for me.
Now I just need to get organized
and have my work viewable.
Here is my attempt.

Acrylic on canvas.



"They asked for it."

I have been roaming around on craigslist for the last hour looking at jobs, cars, and of course, personals. It is interesting to read what people's opinions are on the subject of Brianna Denison's murder verdict.

Some back story:

James Biela was convicted of raping and murdering Brianna, which happened a little over two years ago. He was also found guilty of three felony charges, including the rape of a woman in October of 2007 and the rape and kidnapping of another woman in December of 2007.

Brianna was only nineteen when it happened. She was on break from college visiting friends and family in Reno. She was kidnapped while sleeping on a friend's couch near UNR.

Her body was found 26 days later, in a field, beneath a discarded Christmas tree. She had been strangled with a pair of thong underwear.

James Biela has been sentenced with the death penalty.


While many posts talked about the controversies of the death penalty, there was one that caught my attention:

(Apparently we're all whores and asking for it).