There is a light that never goes out.

Whatever happens. Whatever

what is is is what

I want. Only that. But that.



Because it's Christmas time.

Boo hoo comics.

Only at Christmas time.
Everything lost will find.


The swans like ghosts on the jet black water.

We did our last performance of Nutcracker about four hours ago.

Earlier today, a couple of us discussed what Hell would be like; and it would be performing the Nutcracker, two times a day, everyday, for all of eternity. Same roles every time, and the ribbons on our pointe shoes would be made of thorns.

Regardless, I still get sad when we complete a tour.

(I cannot find myself).


We wanted to make the best for the most for the least.

Long drives to small towns.

Cold sweats in obsolete patterns.

New discoveries.

A slam by Mindpower Mikko.




Making moves.

first shows of nutcracker this weekend.
last day of classes, monday.
tons of art to do.

drink of

quote of the day:

n e ways…s000 stressed. Need 2 find some adderall, but the city is dry. Might try 2 make a cocktail of 5Hour Energy, Sparks, Red Bull, Rock Star Energy Drink, Vitamin Water, Pepsi Max, OneADay multivitamin, blow, CLIF Bars, Power Bars, and Chewy Granola Bars, and see if that gives me the ‘edge’ I need 2 ace my Psychology 101 course. S00 stressed.