You can't win if you don't play.

My friends got tattoos of one another. Pretty ridiculous.

I used to babysit this girl, now I see her out at bars. Am I getting old?


All fires eventually go out.

Here is a short I made a couple years ago where I accidently got to shoot the Mizpah burning down.

The Mizpah from Brittany Sterling on Vimeo.

(I am going to sell my 35mm Nikon and buy a nice video camera).


I've gone off track.

For a career, I ultimately want to do something involving film. I haven't been in a studio film class in over a year now, hence me not doing much work in that department. I also used to have a decent video camera, but it broke and now I don't have access to any. Lately I have just been taking digital art, writing, and fine art classes. I really do miss it though and I can't want to be able to make short films again.

I have realized one of the things I like most about film is the editing process. When I watch movies, I tend to pay close attention to the editing techniques and the cinematography. And nothing can get to me like a well put together trailer. So I have decided that maybe that is something I would want to do? Make previews for movies? I don't really know how that works or how a individual can get such a job, but I would definitely love it.

This next video is one I made a couple years ago. The footage is from a ballet I was in titled Coppélia. It is a sentimental comic ballet with original music by Léo Delibes. I did the filming and Danielle and Christopher are the ones rehearsing. Below is a short track of music from the ballet, so you can get an idea what type of music the ballet was originally choreographed to.

I edited the footage so it would fit a Pinback song called "June."

Danielle and Christopher from Brittany Sterling on Vimeo.


Basically I'm a drag queen myself.

I just think drag queens are the best. I don't think people fully recognize how much work they put into it.


One step short of crazy.

Some favorites from the series.


Imagine if Jesus chased you around, trying to catch you and save your soul.

Maybe you can go to hell for the things you do.
Maybe you can go to hell for the things you don't do.