Growing older, but not growing up.

Signed my "petition for graduation" papers
a couple days ago.
One page asked what my plans are
for after graduation.


(the video: loop like crazy).


You can never overdress.

I have dreams.
And we edge closer
to them.


Sudden and striking.

To you,

I am seasonal.

Just like when
the rain drops
and the leaves fall.

So dramatic and refreshing,
but soon enough
you get weary
and want the snow.


For such are false apostles.

I used to nanny for a lawyer in town.
One of the two children was named Raven.
At the age of six, she held her puppy underwater.

She recently made this for her father.
I need not explain any further
why I no longer care for his children.

(Maybe with the exception that
I dreamt she chased her sister and I
with a chainsaw).


Still light.

How can I tell
when I am succeeding
compared to
when I am failing
if I do not even know
the difference