It doesn’t have to make sense to be real; it doesn’t have to be real to make sense.

I am having a pretty hard time getting myself a new computer and car.
It is proving harder than I expected.
Maybe I am scared of commitment?

Recent down times.

This is serious.

I have been driving my friends '92 Accord.
And Monday night, I almost slid of the side of the mountain
driving home from school.
Good thing Glynnis and I wrote out our wills a couple weeks ago.
They're in my moleskin, signed.
(Let's be practical here).


I put my soul in what I do.

Inspiring video art
as music videos.

Quite appropriate for Karin Dreijer.


Regrets are for horseshoes and handbags.

I need to get over this lethargy thing.
Get on all my school work
(even if I think the class is silly).
Start making new adventures
have new ideas.

And maybe get myself into
a little trouble.


And she fights for her life.

Lots of downward motions these days.

Hopefully I will be back around here soon.
more often.


I'm going to go talk to some food right now.

To top off my broken computer, I now have a totaled car.
I win for having the unluckiest year so far.
(I could tell you about the other contributing factors,
but I don't want to remind myself).

I'll find you in Florence,
when I am ready to settle down.