Love can damage your health.

I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us as with a match, which is lit, and bright, but does not hurt in the common way, but delightfully, as if delight were the most serious thing you ever felt.

Life should never be boring.

I have a really good time whenever I go to the junkyard. It was nice to have such a great place to hang out at and just paint whatever I wanted. Too bad there is always someone to ruin everybody's fun. The free wall is no longer accessible.

This beautiful/silly work of art would not be possible without Joe. Euro Trash.

This is Daisy, the Robinson Family dog. Almanor is definitely one of my favorite places to camp. I am happy I got to spend it with my family, my extended family, and some of my best friends. We almost died on the car ride there though. Not my fault.

The girls and I finally talked Jim and Zack into having another bbq. We dubbed it Cinco de Julio. It was definitely an interesting day all around, especially when one of us got arrested and I told the guy off at the Jackson's next to the campus.
"He goes to Iraq. He fights for your freedom!"