Things I miss, part two of too many.

Summer '06.

I consider this to be one of my favorite summers because I was extremely naive. I had no idea what lay ahead in my life and I wouldn't have believed you if you told me. I had just turned nineteen a couple months before this photograph was taken. I even look unimpaired.

Tuesday Party was by far what I looked forward to every week. If you were one of the few that attended all the really good ones, you would understand why I say this.

XOXO and Josh were in my everyday life. I more so went to the bar to hang out with him, rather than partying, but his bar did see some strange/crazy nights that summer.

Sand Harbor was a great job to have. Dale and Todd were like my dads, I got to chase bears around, sleep on the beach, go on long swims, drink tall cans at Hidden Beach, and give attitude to the tree hugging supervisor. Also, whenever I worked with the girls, we always had a really amusing time at boat ramp.

That summer was just plain absurd. Too many blue sparks, too much moonshine, too many bad decisions, and too many nights we didn't remember with people we never knew in the first place.


Things I miss, part one.

"It becomes increasingly easy, as you get older, to drown in nostalgia."

Summer is officially over. I didn't get to go on the boat nearly as much as I wanted to, but the times I did were definitely out of control.

BBC America.
I always thought McKenna and I were going to grow up to be just like Eddy and Patsy from AbFab.

Now that school and dance are back in session, we shouldn't have a problem.

The City.
I had to miss the last trip.


On the line.

I now have fast internet at my new house. I will be posting more frequently.



I went to Vegas last week for my Godmother's wake. She was a really good person and only fifty-nine. I got to see her a month before she passed away. I am very thankful for that.

She didn't just have a beautiful heart.

My whole family was there, including a bunch of people I don't know and won't remember, and my biological father. If he has done one thing right in his life, it was wearing this shirt.

I snuck this picture on my phone.

This is in one of my brother's best friend's condo in Vegas. His step father took this photo and it is hung above the toilet in the guest bathroom. I actually really enjoy the photograph, it's intriguing.

Vegas would be awesome if it wasn't so horrible. Oh, dehydration.


We were looking for something to blow up.

Glynnis turned twenty two on friday. It amazes me how we have maintained such a great and understanding friendship, but we are still so different from one another. Can you guess who's feet are who's? (If you know either of us at all, it shouldn't be too hard).

Also, I think my friends look good, dress well, and are intelligent. Every time I hear people make comments about girls in Reno, it is always negative. "No style, ugly, dumb, white trash, etc." Or maybe I'm just naive and ugly too?


Meerkat Manor.

On August 16th, the original meerkats will be out of the manor for good. A friend of mine is moving in right after us to keep the manor alive. Thanks Penelope.

The original meerkat crew: myself, Glynnis, Mckenna, and Michelle. A recent live-in addition this summer was Jordan. I would also include Aislynn, Jessie, and Susan as part of the family.

This was the night of Audra's birthday. This was the night the apartment was filled with the most girls ever. Don't worry, there was not a single cat fight.