A working list of things I will never tell you.

There are certain words in the human language
that lack sincerity.

when those words
leave your mouth.

Art work by Victoria Buck.


When the missing got so big.

I find myself existing in memories.

Because some places are just more
beautiful than others.


Fact and Fiction.

The world is flat.
Pluto is a planet.
Everything is going to be okay.


On a night like this.

Feeling a sudden wave of vacancy go over me,
like a hotel being abandoned by it's guests
for an obvious reason.



Cracking nuts.

It is that time of year guys.
The super glue and tape
are handy.

This is almost definitely
my last Nutcracker
with the Reno Dance Company.
If you are interested in seeing the show,
please let me know through a comment,
e-mail, instant message, text message,
phone call, letter, note in a bottle,
or maybe some "real life" conversation.