Night daydreams.

The first accidental snapshot with my new camera:
the top, right hand side of my bookshelf.
Make your assessment.

I haven't been sleeping well for quite some time.
Maybe it's because I am bored,
and think too much.
Or think too little.

Every so often, I like to pretend
things are the way I want them to be.



I'd rather be a forest than a street.

This is how we deal
the morning after.

Enjoy a partial summer day
with a little
Simon and Garfunkel.


To be young again.

I wish I could start all over
at the age of six.

I could audition for sf ballet,
(make it of course),
and eventually become an amazing
ballet dancer.

And my parents would make
silly videos of me
representing their favorite
electronic music.

I would look back on all of it
as an adult and think
"shit, I was one badass kid."

I guess my parents deserve
a little more credit.


This room.

No magic happens here.

Just reading
television watching
and occasional sleep.

I know there are some people out there
who think I am supposed to end up
      in a room by myself



I'm still waiting for the sunlight.

To grow me through the floor.

I'm jobless and just read a book
in less than twenty-four hours.

Any suggestions for my next read?

I prefer using
endless pages of
Times New Roman
as a distraction
from my reality.


Dance, dance.

Hung out with Steve Aoki yesterday.

He didn't pour Grey Goose
into my mouth.

Next time.


Just like yesterday.

A couple days ago, a boy told me
I am the weirdest girl he has ever met.


I like to think of myself as
old fashioned
or unconventional.
(I guess that doesn't make much sense).

Yes, I can be uncanny.
And I like bizarre.

That's why I liked you.


We stand at the window.

It's been raining so hard.

And that could be a metaphor
if you want it to be.

I try not to think about
lung cancer, AIDS,
the chemicals in the rain;
things I can't imagine any more than
a color I've never seen.



Take it easy, but take it.

More food and adventure,
all in one location: the GSR.

$7.77 Buffet

$3 Movie

Somehow I got stuck there last night
till four am.
Watching touring bands play craps
while Penelope took shots of Jameson
to try and rid herself of heartburn.

So glad to be watching
the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

What a hunk.