Some see the glass as half empty.

Some see the glass as half full.
I see the glass as too big.

It is the last hour of March,
and I feel like I do not exist.


I implored the gods: Please let me live.

Typical friday night:
booze, dancing, and technology.

I want to start making spoof trailers for practice.
The inspiration:

Is it strange that this makes me happy?

Peter Gabriel's heart going
boom boom boom.


Let the wild rumpus start.

Flashbacks of my childhood.

Last night, I woke up to a man screaming on our street.
It was around 2.30 am
and I imagined him shirtless and strung out.

"You took my dog,
now I am going to take your life!
And your wife's life!
I am going to kill your kids!
Where is my dog?!
Boomer (whistle)!"

This was repeated viciously
while my roommate and I both patiently listened,
separated in our bedrooms,
as his voice faded down the road.


I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor.

back to school
after a break that seemed to pass me by.

advice for the day:

most things that are bright green
should not be consumed.

always tip at least a dollar on a drink,
regardless of the type.
with that said, don't forget the baristas.

and lastly,

fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice,
(three times, four times, getting up there)
shame on me.


Something that is searching for me, and needs me to reveal itself.

my first and last trance experience.

1. red light
2. blue light
3. black light


Something which is unknown to me, but which works upon me.

Yesterday, some fellow students and I went on a little trip with our digital art teacher. We first stopped at the Pixar Studio located in Emeryville. My teacher has a friend working there and she gave us a great tour, which included the "off limits" parts of the building.
I had to sign a confidentiality form.

They have paid internships there
that I may be extremely interested in....

Our next stop was the Berkeley Art Museum. Half of the museum was closed due to a new exhibit opening soon. My favorite work they had hanging from the wall:

Our last stop was Eric Drooker's studio, who is also a good friend of my teacher. He was very modest for a man who has a bunch of his art on the covers of the New Yorker.

Oh yeah, we got to do a little street shopping too.


My dreams of glory died before they began.

I really did love this car.
I took great care of it,
and then, within moments,
my investment was taken away from me.

I am starting to feel like nothing ever pays off.

I used to think I knew who the "we" was.
I guess I was wrong.


Just living isn't enough.

I finally got my new computer.

(They're like parents, waiting to pick up their kids).

I also have a new favorite photographer.

Alison Brady.


I thought of you as my mountain top.

My good friend Ronald directed me to this.


This is an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.

As I watched this
I almost started crying
overwhelmed by awe.
My stomach also hurt
that I am so far away from it.